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Be Comfy, Be You and Feel Fun


Funzies leggings are super soft and and comfy with fun prints to make life a little brighter. They are high waisted with elastic around the waist so you never need to pull them up.

Leggings are ideal for any occasion, from training in the gym to collecting the kids from schools or taking pooch for a walk. Funzies has a style for you.

Made with high performance polyester they are moisture wicking and quick drying.

Funzies Active are made from recycled polyester, so eco-friendly too!

Machine wash on cool and hang dry.

As they don't need ironing you can take them straight from the wardrobe, glide them on, and you are ready to go! Looking fab and feeling fun.

What Makes Funzies So Fab?

Susan Says, 'I love these leggings! The fabric is soft, stretchy and super comfy! The high waistband ensures they are a great fit and the Zebra design is just fab. Ideal for walking, stretching, lounging, clambering, sitting , sitting, jumping....you get the idea'

Funzies are designed to be comfy, fun and stylish. The days of only feeling fashionable in plain, uncomfy jeans are over. Funzies is all about being free to be you, and having the confidence to wear what makes YOU happy, not what you think you should wear to blend in. The best version of you is the happiest version of you, so be comfy, feel fun and enjoy your life to the max.

Sizes available (UK sizes) are 8-18 in Comfort, 20-24 in Curve and 8-14 in Active.

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