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Funzies was launched by founder Alison during the first lock-down in 2020. Like many office workers, Alison was sent to work from home and found that it provided her with the freedom to be 100% herself.  She no longer had to conform to restricting office attire or feel pressure to dress a certain way. So dressed to be comfy and fun. 

The Leggings

Alison says;

I’ve always loved leggings and felt they were ideal for this new normal as I could wear them for sitting at my desk at work, for my lunchtime walks and night time yoga.  I didn’t have to get changed numerous times throughout the day which is ideal for a busy Mam!

I felt inspired to wear fun, bright and happy prints. I felt as though although the world was experiencing something unsettling, I was determined to create a fun environment for me and my family to help us stay positive.

So I started to look for some fun printed leggings, but couldn’t really find any I liked.  So I decided to get some made with my own designs.  When they arrived I was so impressed with the fabric and quality, I’d never had leggings like them. They are honestly the softest, comfiest leggings ever! I thought, I need to share these with other leggings lovers! So out came Funzies!

I wear Funzies pretty much every day now. Not only are they peachy soft and super comfy, but the bright colours and fun designs help me to set my mood for the day, to have fun! When you wear fun clothes, you feel fun, and want to do fun things. Funzies really do put a spring in your step and your fun energy becomes contagious to others around you. They are amazing mood boosters!

Our Aim

Our aim is that Funzies inspires others to have the confidence to wear fun clothes, and create a community of people who wake up each day with the intention to have fun, and their Funzies helps them to achieve it.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions, feedback or requests for designs, we'd love to hear from you.

Clothes are such a huge part of how we feel about ourselves, so why not be bright and bold and show the world the true colours of you 💗

Happy Shopping

Team Funzies xx